Company Asturawsmd (AWS muzzle devices) is an association of people keen on shooting sports that embody their ideas in the development of accessories and tuning of weapons. Our production is focused on a very wide range of people - are hunters, sportsmen arrows, arrow vysokotochniki, professional soldiers. Our boslednie developments in the field of weapons allow tuning to get even more pleasure from fire and make it more comfortable.

      Our experts are ready to consult on any your questions and help resolve the issue associated with the choice of a muzzle device.

      Our instruments for high-precision rifles are tested by leading athletes of Ukraine and current military personnel. Today, we offer a large range of different mufflers, brakes muzzle compensators, flame arresters and even tuning a machine gun.

      Sincerely, The company Asturawsmd.


Odessa, Ukraine


Phone: +38 0672892557, +38 0995549874

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