AMD muzzle brake for AK

Type of thread: 
M14x1 Lh
Compatible weapons: 
stainless steel
Weight and dimensions: 
260 г. 100х35 мм.
muzzle brake, cardboard packaging
2,200.00 грн.

Astur AMD muzzle brake for AK (AKM) 7.62x39 with 14x1Lh muzzle thread.
This muzzle brake built in a closed design, which means that the structural elements are placed in the outer casing with openings for venting gases.
Astur AMD compensates barrel tossing and recoil, reduces muzzle flash.
The closed design of this muzzle brake does not amplify the sound of shot and even reduces it, protecting the shooter's hearing.

Astur AMD is made of stainless steel, which significantly increases its durability and service life.
Coating: Cerakote paint (not heat-resistant).

We provide 1 year or 1000 shots warranty.

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