Kit for SVD

Type of thread: 
без резьбы
Compatible weapons: 
Сталь, нержавеющая сталь, Д16Т
Weight and dimensions: 
масса - 546г., длина - 230мм., диаметр - 47мм..
Глушитель, паспорт изделия, картонная упаковка.
6,500.00 грн.

 Set to be installed on the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD).
Includes DTC adapter and the device reducing sound of a shot (silencer). DTK adapter is installed in place of regular flame arrester (fly) be made in versions: DTK-adapter "Sturmovik" DTC adapter ASS Brake.
The advantages of this scheme is that it is not necessary to cut the threads on normal flame arrester (which very often causes misalignment when installing the muffler), DTK-adapter "centered" on the muzzle and securely attached to the barrel of the rifle.
The muffler has a locking system on the DTC-adapter, which excludes its unwinding during the shooting. If necessary, you can, without difficulty, to return to the place of full-time flash suppressor. This system was created more than a year ago by request of one of the units and repeatedly tested.

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