Silencer for Diamondback DB cal.9X21

9х21 / 5/8x24

209 $



The device of reduction of a sound of a shot COMPACT DB of production of TM ASTUR for sports carbines Diamondback DB cal. 9X21 16 “with a carving on a trunk 5 / 8х24.

The device is collapsible. With a special key you can unscrew the front cover of the sound moderators and access the internal chambers of the device for cleaning and maintenance.

All parts of the silencer made of D16T undergo a process of chemical treatment (anodizing), which significantly increases their service life.

The compact size and light weight of the device provide convenience of use and will reliably protect hearing of an arrow.

All ASTUR products are guaranteed for 1 year or 1,000 shots.


Caliber: 9х21
Type of thread: 5/8x24
Compatible weapons: Diamondback DB кал.9X21 16"
Material: stainless steel, D16T
Weight and dimensions: 350 g, 200 mm x 37 mm
Equipment: Silencer, product passport, cardboard packaging


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