Silencers or sound moderators to arms.

Thanks to sound moderators, shooting becomes comfortable and much less loud. The modern ASTUR muffler for rifled weapons reduces the noise from the shot to a minimum as much as possible. This quality allows you to enjoy the process
shooting without feeling discomfort. In the catalog of the online store “Asturawsmd” you can learn more about the range of products and each model separately. Only here you will be offered to profitably buy silencers for weapons of excellent
quality at a reasonable price. All models of Astur silencers presented in the website catalog help to reduce the noise from a shot to 29 Db, which is considered a very significant indicator. All presented models of sound moderators are made in versions
compatible with the AK series, AR-15, SVD and other rifles.

The main advantages of sound moderators
– reduce the visibility of the shooter;
– remove the flash when fired;
– reduce the sound from the shot;
– make it difficult to determine the point from which the shot was fired.

In some cases, when using mufflers on a semi-automatic carbine, it may be necessary to adjust the gas outlet mechanism. This is due to the increased, inverse, amount of “gases” (the so-called
All ASTUR products (silencers and DHA) are guaranteed.
we can offer to purchase silencers ASTUR designed for installation through a DTK adapter,
which are easily installed and removed from any type of firearm. This is especially true for the AK series, the muffler will sit on the barrel reliably and evenly. You will be pleased with the affordable prices for silencers for weapons and excellent product quality. all
sound moderators are thoroughly tested before going on sale.
High-quality mufflers for small arms are made of D16T and steel, these materials are not subject to corrosion. The muffler body is coated with a special paint that is resistant to corrosion.
If you cannot decide which moderators of the shot sound to choose, we suggest that you contact the specialists of the site for help. After a competent and quick consultation, the buyer will select the optimal suppressor for the weapon online, consultations are carried out
in the telephone mode. Having received advice, it will be easier for you to decide which model to choose for your rifled weapon and buy a silencer at a price from the manufacturer.
All prices for a muffler for rifled weapons are fixed and correspond to the cost of the goods at the time of purchase. The catalog of mufflers ASTUR is regularly updated, the assortment includes new running positions. On our website, the sale of silencers for weapons is carried out
around the clock.
Check out the model descriptions and be sure to order silencers for your active time in the shooters club.