Mufflers and MBC.

The ASTUR company is engaged in the development and production of muzzle devices: MBC and SOUND MODERATORS.

Silencers, or as they are also called P.S.U.Z.V. (Shot Sound Level Reduction Devices) are designed primarily to reduce the sound level when fired. This is done in order to protect the shooter’s hearing, in addition, they remove the flash when fired. In some cases, when using mufflers on semi-automatic carbines, it may be necessary to adjust the gas venting mechanism. For all ASTUR products (MUFFLERS and MBC) a guarantee is provided.

MBC (muzzle brake compensator) are designed to significantly reduce recoil when fired. For example, the MBC analogue of ROEDALE is very popular among high-precision athletes. In addition, the catalog contains many interesting models that deserve the attention of buyers. The Sturmovik MBC is very effective and popular, it allows to reduce recoil during tempo fire, as well as counteracts the barrel toss. MBC “Rapira” – another effective muzzle brake compensator. Similar to the previous model, it is presented in two versions. It is possible to install a muffler on top of the device with an adapter (PSUZV).

On our website you can get acquainted with the electronic catalog and select high-quality mufflers and mufflers for rifled weapons, as well as purchase other muzzle devices for all types of small arms at the best prices. All accessories are easily installed on assault rifles, rifles, carbines and have various types of threads.

Unique models are presented in the electronic catalog of our site – all of them have been personally tested and highly appreciated by specialists. At a convenient time, you can see and buy profitably muzzle devices for any type of rifle.

You can get acquainted with a wide range of models and descriptions of commodity items at any time convenient for you. A clear electronic catalog of mufflers and MBC will help you get to know in more detail the technical characteristics of the product and make a purchase in real time, in addition, on our website you can view photo and video reviews of all products presented