Muzzle brakes

Muzzle brake-compensator for firearms.

Various muzzle devices are often used to improve shooting performance.
One of these devices is a muzzle brake – a compensator, which is provided by default for almost any modern rifle or machine gun.
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Purpose of MBC:
The muzzle brake-compensator helps to effectively reduce the recoil of small arms due to the use of the kinetic energy of powder gases that come out of the barrel after the fired bullet.
The DHA is not able to completely eliminate recoil after the release of the bullet, but it copes with the recoil reduction function by 100%.

Advantages of using a MBC:
– minimization of recoil and throwing of the barrel of a weapon;
– re-aiming time is reduced;
– Improves accuracy when hitting a target, especially when shooting from an unstable state.

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