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Muzzle adapter “STURMOVIK” for AK74


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The effective muzzle brake compensator (MBC) “SHTURMOVIK” is developed by experts of the ASTUR company,
intended for use in military and civilian carbines, based on AK 74 (Vulcan-TK) with thread M24x1.5.

MBC adapter “STURMOVIK” effectively counteracts the throw of the barrel and reduces recoil when firing.
The side chambers are designed to compensate for the recoil of the jet of powder gases, while forcing them to work to stabilize the barrel, compensating for the momentum of the shutter group up to the right during the rate of repeated shots.

Cross-cut serves as a flame arrester, due to the “twisting” of the jet of powder gases, and can also be used as a guide for breaking the ball of wire barriers.
Coots at the bottom of the product do not interfere with the installation and removal of the ramrod.

Of course, to be completely objective, it is very reminiscent of MBC FSC47 from Primary Weapons (USA).
However, we approached its production creatively, in particular, in addition to high quality workmanship, elegantly solved the problem of fixing the muzzle brake in a twisted state, and if the American product uses a simple ring made of heat-resistant silicone, the Ukrainian made a split fastening with screw fixation. “it in the twisted position that provides reliable fixing without backlashes.

On our website online you will get acquainted with the range of products and will be able to buy cheaply the MBC adapter “SHTURMOVIK” with delivery across Ukraine.

All products have been tested by our specialists in practice, so we can guarantee its impeccable quality.


Caliber: 5.45х39
Compatible weapons: Ak-74, Vulcan-TK, Saiga
Material: steel ST45 + chemical oxidation
Weight and dimensions: 148 g, 88х28х28mm


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