Muzzle brake analog ROEDALE on the collet

No thread

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Effective muzzle brake compensator for high-precision 7.62mm rifles.

This MBC is made in the image and likeness of the famous muzzle brake Roedale and is designed for installation on the barrels of carbines that do not have a muzzle thread.

This muzzle brake compensator is made only to order.

For the order it is necessary to specify parameters of a barrel: diameter on a cut of a trunk, diameter of a trunk through 40 mm. from the muzzle.
The attachment is a diagram of the size of the barrel of the carbine.

With relatively small dimensions and weight, this muzzle brake effectively reduces recoil, thereby significantly improving the comfort of shooting.

The muzzle brake is made of steel of brand 45 and passes process of chemical oxidation.
In addition, a calibrated stainless steel sleeve is installed in the MBC.
MBC has a screw for attaching anti-mirage tape. It is possible to make a muzzle brake from titanium.

WARNING!!! It is not recommended to use without hearing protection !!!


Type of thread: No thread
Material: steel ST45 + chemical oxidation
Weight and dimensions: length - 85 mm, width - 36 mm, height - 25 mm, weight - 260 g


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