Custom devices

Custom silencers

We make to order devices of decrease in level of sound of a shot under any caliber and barrel. Material: Steel 45, D16T.

Sound reduction devices (Silencers, Sound Moderators) can be made in the following variants:
1) Silencer Integr.L (devices with integration, west, on a barrel to 140 mm.) Price – 8000 UAH.
2) Muffler Integr.XL (devices with integration on a trunk from 150 mm to 300 mm.) Price – 9000 UAH.

The body of the device can be made of D16T or Titanium and undergoes a process of chemical anodizing and painted with heat-resistant baking paint (if made of D16T), or is polished and sandblasted (if made of Titanium). Devices with integration up to 150 mm are made in one case, with integration over 150 mm are made in a two-case variant.

The Integr.XL silencer is designed to minimize the sound level of a shot from a firearm in calibers from 308 Win to 338 Lapua Magnum, while the device almost completely removes the flash when firing (even from the first shot).

The Integr.XL silencer has a large, first expansion chamber (up to 30cm) that fits onto the barrel of the rifle. When fired, gases coming out of the barrel first fill this chamber and, only after that, move further inside the device. The Integr.XL silencer can have from 9 to 15 internal chambers, while the weapon can be extended from 15cm up to 24cm. The weight of the device (depending on its parameters) ranges from 700g up to 900g. The body of the device is completely made of D16T, which allows the device to be lightened as much as possible, in addition, D16T differs significantly from materials such as steel and titanium in terms of its heat transfer characteristics. This allows the body of the device to cool approximately 30% faster than devices made of other materials. All the main elements that carry the maximum load when fired are made of stainless steel, which allows the silencer to be extended to 2000 rounds, even when working with calibers such as the 338 Lapua Magnum. In some cases, when using mufflers on semi-automatic carbines, it may be necessary to adjust the gas venting mechanism! This is due to the increased, inverse, amount of “gases” (the so-called “overgas”).
To order the device, you need to provide us with the measurements of your barrel, the brand of the weapon, indicate in which version you need the device, indicate the caliber of the weapon. To do this, fill out the ORDER FORM below or send it to us by mail (, which contains all the necessary information to order the device, or call our phones and consult a specialist. We are always ready to answer any of your questions.

All our silencers (shot sound reduction devices) are tested and “tested” in real conditions, reliably protect the shooter’s hearing, remove the flash after the first shot and do not allow the shooter to be located.

Custom Muzzle Brake Compensator

Company Asturawsmd(AWS muzzle devices) makes exact copies (clone up to 0.01 mm) muzzle brake “Roedale” and “Sako”. Today it is one of the most effective existingmuzzle brake in the world (superior in performance, in the removal of the level of return and jump rifle after firing typical muzzle brake by Sako and Blaser 15-20%). Also reduces and evenly distributes, flash (if present on the rifle).muzzle brake in stock and on order at any size with any thread pitch.

Material production:Metal, Titanium.
Muzzle brake goes through the following process: polishing, anodizing (Steel), sand blasting (Titan).
Possible configurations muzzle brake: 2-chamber, three-chamber, 4-chamber.
Product dimensions with a thread (the largest) 4ёh chamber: 77h36h25 (mm), the product from the collet is 20mm longer (due to not fixing 2vintov and 4ёh). Thread length to muzzle brake in the base 20mm. Production of MBC without a carving (collet fastenings) is possible.

The price for muzzle brake – any thread pitch, 2 – 4 screws, 2 – 4 cameras – Metal – $ 60.00. Titan – $ 90.00Perhaps the production of muzzle brake without thread (collet attachment)

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