Integrated mufflers for the sound of a shot ASTUR L and ASTUR XL

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ASTURcompany produces integrated silencers (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) ASTURLand XLseries. These mufflers are produced on order according to the individual dimensions of the customer.

Silencers ASTURL series have a possible approach to the barrel of the carbine up to 150 mm.
Silencers ASTURXL series have a possible approach to the barrel of the carbine up to 300 mm.

What are the advantages of using integrated devices:

1. Large internal volume.
2. The ability to change the number of internal chambers at the request of the customer.
3. The minimum increase in the size of the weapon.
4. The ability to achieve maximum performance of suppression of the sound of a shot.

With their outwardly large dimensions (from 400 mm. To 600 mm.) And weight from 600 g. To 1000 g., ASTUR integrated sound moderators have a minimal effect on the change in the STP (midpoint of impact) and practically do not affect the accuracy of the rifle. At the same time, the flash is almost completely removed when fired and the recoil is significantly reduced.

Depending on the shooting conditions, we mean: TIR, shooting range, field, forest, mountains – the shooter will evaluate the level of reduction of the shot sound in different ways. This does not mean that the device “removes” the sound of a shot in different ways, just the level of sound reduction, measured in Decibel (dB or dB) is a relative value in itself and depends on many factors, such as height above the water level, air density and humidity, and the presence of obstacles that reflect sound. Therefore, speaking about the efficiency of mufflers, they usually indicate values from ..dB to … dB. In the case of ASTUR L and XL series silencers, these values are: from 26 dB to 34 dB.

Soundmoderators (shot sound reduction devices) ASTUR L and XLare made for carbines with a thread on the barrel. It is possible to manufacture a silencer for almost any caliber: .308 Win .300 Win Mag .30-06 Springfield .338 Lapua Magnum .50 BMG.

In addition to excellent technical characteristics, “integrated” ASTURsilencers make the carbine “one piece” with the silencer, have a positive effect on the balance of the weapon and improve its appearance.

ASTURspecialists are ready to answer any question about the technical characteristics and maintenance of “integrated” ASTURsilencers.
All products are covered by a warranty: one year or 2000 shots.



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