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Silencer SPEAR M18x300 Win Mag

30-06, 300 Win Mag, 308 Win

280 $

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Silencer SPEAR for carbines with a muzzle thread M18x1 (RH, right) caliber .308 .300. 30-06

The main differences between the new SPEAR suppressors are:
1). Approach to the barrel of the carbine by 100 mm.
2). The original system of preliminary gas dissection.
3). The classic nine-chamber scheme of the device.

What are the advantages of an integrated suppressor ?
First of all, it allows you to significantly increase the internal volume of suppressors, which has a positive effect on the quality of reducing the sound level of the shot, but the dimensions of the weapon with a suppressor are not increased much.

For example: standard silencer ASTUR has a total length of 210 mm., Accordingly, when installing the barrel of the carbine, the weapon continues to 210 mm. When using SPEAR suppressor the total length of the weapon after installation of the suppressor will increase only by 180 mm. and this with a total length of the muffler – 280 mm. This means that by installing a much larger suppressor on the barrel of the carbine, you get a smaller increase in the size of the weapon.

In addition: at a higher weight suppressor SPEAR (its weight is 680 g) due to the approach to the barrel, it will change the balance of the weapon by exactly as much as it would change with a standard suppressor ASTUR (its weight is 510 g).

All parts of the silencer made of D16T undergo a process of chemical treatment (anodizing), which significantly increases their service life.
SPEAR suppressor warranty: one year or 1000 shots.


Caliber: 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 308 Win
Compatible weapons: Blaser R8, Sako, Tikka T3x, Roessler TITAN 6, etc
Material: stainless steel, D16T
Weight and dimensions: weight - 690 g, length - 280 mm, diameter - 47 mm
Equipment: Silencer, cardboard packaging.


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