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All mufflers manufactured by TM ASTUR do not require special care and maintenance. The cleaning process is quite simple and does not require special skills.

PLEASE NOTE – when cleaning devices of our production we do NOT RECOMMEND to use a ramrod with various nozzles to avoid damage of the central channel in internal partitions of the device. Although they may be covered with some powder and look dirty. This is normal and does not harm the operation of the device.

It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning of surfaces of internal chambers (in this case it is a question of collapsible mufflers). For cleaning of internal chambers and the case of collapsible devices it is necessary to unscrew a forward cover of the device by means of a special key, to take out all internal partitions.

PLEASE NOTE – after unscrewing the front cover, it is necessary to clean from a deposit of a carving both on a cover, and on the device case and to grease it with a small amount of any high-temperature greasing.
After you have cleaned the internal chambers of the device from soot, it is NECESSARYto wipe them with a light layer of weapon oil and wipe dry. You should also pay attention to cleaning the threaded (landing) part of the muffler.
After that, you can start assembling the muffler.
Care for the outer surface of the muffler should be the same as for any firearm. Wipe with a light coat of gun oil to clean, restore and protect the outer surface of our mufflers.
We recommend cleaning the mufflers every 250-300 shots.

In addition, we RECOMMENDblowing the muffler with compressed air after each use. This will keep the inner surfaces dry and also remove unburned gunpowder, scale, etc ..

We recommend a similar cleaning method for WASP series devices. These mufflers are made of high quality stainless steel, have a gas discharge system and do not require special care.

When using chemical solvents when cleaning our mufflers, MAKE SURE that any solvent you choose is safe for the material your muffler is made of.
AVOID– ammonia-containing solvents (Hoppes 9 and many others – similar cleaners) when cleaning aluminum mufflers.
We also DO NOT RECOMMEND the use of water-based cleaners when brushing our mufflers.
If desired, you can prepare a liquid to clean the muffler and yourself. To do this, take equal parts of mineral alcohol, acetone, kerosene and fluid for automatic transmissions.
For cleaning steel (non-collapsible devices), as well as individual parts of collapsible devices, you can immerse them in this liquid. Soak them for 24-28 hours, remove and allow to drain. After all the liquid has drained, purge the muffler with compressed air.

Adherence to our recommendations for the care of mufflers will allow you to use them for a long time with maximum efficiency.

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