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Set for installation on the Dragunov Sniper Rifle (DSR).

The set includes a muzzle brake and a suppressor.

Muzzle brake is installed in place of the standard flame arrester (front sight).

This scheme of installation of the device of reduction of a sound of a shot for DSR means removal of the regular flame arrester.

The replacement procedure can be performed in “field” conditions, using the most affordable set of tools: a hammer, a hammer and a mallet. To remove the standard DSR flame arrester, it is necessary to knock out two pins with the help of a punch, and carefully, with a copper hammer or through a copper spacer, knock down the flame arrester, sometimes it gets VERY tight. When removing in any case do not focus on the muzzle!

Carry out installation in reverse order.

Please note – the pins in the installed flame arrester should not dangle, and enter with tension! After removing the fire extinguisher, in its place is installedmuzzle brake. The muzzle brake must go to the barrel at least 40mm and rest against the cut of the barrel of the carbine. The collet should be located strictly below (for six hours). Tighten the screws on the collet. After that, you can wind the silencer on the muzzle brake.

This scheme of installation of the suppressor on the DSR was developed to order and under the direct supervision of one of the units of the Armed Forces in 2014 and has passed successful tests.

The need for such a method of installing a suppressor on DSR rifles was caused by the fact that there was a vital need for a suppressor (standard silencer for Dragunov sniper rifles is a huge rarity), and to install a suppressor directly on the flame arrester is quite problematic. To do this, at least you need to cut a thread on the flame arrester. Make it a qualitatively ordinary die is incredibly difficult due to the fact that the flame arrester has a conical shape. In addition, very often, the flame arrester itself is mounted on the barrel with a skew. All these factors cause misalignment when winding the device to reduce the sound of the shot. The only way to deal with the silencer skew in this case is to increase the through hole inside the device (some manufacturers make it up to 12.5mm).

The advantages of this scheme is that you do not need to cut a thread on a standard flame arrester, MBC-adapter “centered” on the cut of the barrel and securely fastened to the barrel of the weapon.

The suppressor has a system of fixation on the MBC adapter that excludes its untwisting during shooting. If necessary, you can, without much difficulty, put back in place the standard flame arrester.

The MBC adapter + suppressor for DSR set from the ASTUR company is intended for installation exclusively on the army DSR rifle with a trunk diameter of 16.0 mm. All civilian “variants” of the Dragunov rifle, such as the TIGER, have a different barrel diameter. For them it is necessary to order sets for installation on a trunk without a carving.

All parts of the suppressor made of D16T undergo a process of chemical treatment (anodizing), which significantly increases their service life.

We do not recommendusing ASTUR sound cleaners for cleaning liquids that contain chemical solvents.

When using suppressor in adverse weather conditionssuch as: rain, fog, sudden changes in temperature, we recommend drying the device (it is allowed to blow it with an air compressor) to remove liquid (water, condensate) from the body of the device. This will protect the suppressor from corrosion and oxidation.

The internal device of the suppressor is the original scheme developed by experts of our company and represents the classical “direct-flow” nine-chamber scheme with the device of preliminary section of a gas stream.
Warranty: one year or 1000 shots.


Type of thread: No thread
Compatible weapons: DSR
Material: Steel, stainless steel, D16T
Weight and dimensions: weight - 546 g, length - 230 mm, diameter - 47 mm.
Equipment: silencer, product passport, cardboard packaging.


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