Silencer for Diamondback DB kal.9×21

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High-quality silencer of a premium class for carbines caliber of 9х21 mm with a muzzle thread 5/8х24

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TM ASTUR presents a new silencer series SCORPIO S. for Diamondback DB carbines caliber 9×21 and with a muzzle thread 5/8×24.

The new device is slightly larger in diameter, but shorter than the silencers of the COMPACT series, but it shows the best results in terms of reducing the sound of the shot on both the subsonic and supersonic cartridge.

The internal device of the silencer pretends to be a rather complex design, which provides effective vortexing of powder gases and reducing the sound of the shot from 28dB to 30dB.

The device is completely collapsible. To disassemble the device requires a special KEY, which is purchased separately.

The case of the device and internal chambers are made of a high-quality D16T alloy, a carving part from stainless steel. All duralumin parts of the device undergo a solid anodizing process, which significantly increases their service life. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SILENCERS CLEANING

Warranty on the silencer – 1 year or 1000 shots.


Compatible weapons: Diamondback DB cal 9х21
Material: D16T, stainless steel
Weight and dimensions: length - 180 mm, diameter - 50 mm, weight - 400 g.
Equipment: silencer, device passport, cardboard packaging


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