Silencer SCORPIO ST. 1/2×28 cal.9mm

262 $

High-quality integrated premium silencer for carbines caliber 9×21 mm with a muzzle thread 1/2×28



This silencer SCORPIO ST. is intended for installation on the Kriss Vector CBR carbine with a muzzle thread 1/2х28 caliber of 9х21 mm, comes on a trunk on 48 mm and goes beyond the barrel cut by 170 mm.

Silencers of the SCORPIO ST series represent a new line of premium muzzle devices from TM ASTUR.
The internal device of the silencer consists of a large first expansion chamber, a powder gas divider, internal chambers of the original design and the afterburner. The internal chambers of the device are designed so that as much as possible to swirl the powder gases, rather than cut them off.

All of the above provides the most effective sound reduction on both subsonic and supersonic cartridges (from 28dB to 32dB).

The silencer is collapsible that allows to make its cleaning. To disassemble the device requires a special KEY, which is sold separately.

Devices of the SCORPIO ST series. can be made under any carbine caliber 9×21 under the individual sizes of the customer. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out measurements and to fill in the ORDER FORM. After that, we will contact you and discuss all technical and financial issues to order.

The case of the device and internal chambers are made of a high-quality D16T alloy, a carving part from stainless steel. All duralumin parts of the device undergo a solid anodizing process, which significantly increases their service life. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR SILENCERS CLEANING

Warranty on the silencer – 1 year or 1000 shots.


Compatible weapons: Kriss Vector SBR G2 SE cal. 9х21
Material: D16T, stainless steel
Weight and dimensions: length - 210 mm, diameter - 50 mm, weight - 430 g.
Equipment: silencer, device passport, cardboard packaging


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