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Silencer WASP for AK 74

5.45х39 /

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Compact, non-separable stainless steel muffler for carbines based on AK 74 with a thread on the M24x1.5 barrel in 5.45×39 caliber.
Reduces the sound of a shot by 24 – 28 dB (depending on the type of ammunition, shooting conditions, location of the object, etc.), protects the shooter’s hearing, significantly reduces the level of flash from the shot and its recoil

The compact dimensions of the device have a minimal effect on the balance of the weapon and provide comfort when shooting.
The internal structure of the muffler is an original circuit developed by ASTUR engineers. The muffler has a propellant gas divider and a set of specially designed separator chambers that effectively swirl the propellant gases and significantly reduce the sound of a shot. The device has a gas discharge system to reduce the back pressure of gases that occurs when firing with a silencer.
All these advantages make this muffler one of the most reliable, compact and affordable.
Scope of application – hunting, practical and sports shooting from bolt-action carbines, as well as semi-automatic rifles.

Warranty – 2 years or 3000 shots.


Caliber: 5.45х39
Type of thread:
Compatible weapons: АК 74, Vulkan ТК, АКС 74У
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight and dimensions: 400 g. 170х35 mm
Equipment: Silencer, product passport, cardboard packaging


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