Collapsible silencers from ASTUR

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All ASTURsilencers are Dismountable.

This means that, if necessary, the instruments can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. To disassemble the device, unscrew the front cover using a special key.

The key is clamped in a vice with the lower (square) part, after which the muffler is inserted with the front cover into the upper (octagonal) part of the key. The front cover is tightly screwed on. In order to unscrew it, you need to make some effort.

When assembling, it is necessary to ensure that the front cover isTIGHTLY SCREWED, since it acts as a compensator for the internal chambers of the device.
A loose cover can damage the moderator.

The body and internal chambers of the sound moderator undergo an electrochemical anodizing process, which significantly increases their service life. The outside of the casing is painted with heat-resistant baked paint.

We do not recommend using liquids containing chemical solvents to clean the SHORTsound moderator.

When using the sound moderator in unfavorable weather conditions, such as: rain, fog, sudden temperature changes, we recommend drying the device (it is allowed to blow it with an air compressor) to remove liquid (water, condensate) from the device body. This will protect the zunmoderator from corrosion and oxidation.

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