Silencers SHORT series for carbines based on AKM and AR 15

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In 2018, our company developed, tested and put on sale a new line of sound moderators of the SHORT series for hunting, civil and sports carbines based on Kalashnikov assault rifles in caliber 7.62×39, 5.45×39 and carbines based on AR 15 in caliber 223 Rem.

The new devices, in addition to more compact dimensions (length 180mm.) And new external design, have undergone structural changes. First of all, they have become completely collapsible.

What does this mean and why is it necessary?

This means that using a special wrench, you can unscrew the front cover of the device and gain access to the internal chambers.

This is necessary in order to be able to service the device: completely remove the inner chambers and carry out their complete cleaning from carbon deposits, which will significantly increase the service life of the muffler. In addition, the front cover of the sound moderator acts as a compensator for the internal chambers, so if the gap between the internal chambers suddenly increases during operation and “rattling” appears inside the case, it can be easily eliminated by tightening the front cover. In addition, if the internal chambers are damaged, the muffler can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged internal parts.

In the new silencers of the SHORTseries, due to calculations of the flow of gases and numerous practical tests, a high reduction in the level of the sound of a shot has been achieved. This allows us to state that the mufflers of the new series are superior in efficiency to many, both domestic and foreign counterparts. In fact, the sound of a shot is much quieter than the clang of a bolt in carbines based on a Kalashnikov assault rifle. When fired vertically upwards, the shooter hears only the sound from the shutter; when fired along the surface towards the target, the shooter hears the sound from a bullet moving at supersonic speed.

It is very popular among shooters to compare the sound of a 7.62×39 Kalashnikov assault rifle with a shot from a small-caliber rifle. Especially to answer the question, we conducted test firing and filmed an overview video for you.

Silencers of the SHORT series are not designed for automatic firing, but allow tempo-based firing.

When disassembling the instrument, it is important to remember the correct location of the internal chambers. When assembling, it is necessary to tighten the front cover of the device tightly.

A loosely screwed front cover can damage the sound moderator !!!

When cleaning the device, we do not recommend using aggressive cleaning agents, neutral gun oil will be ideal.

Our company provides a one year or 2000 shots warranty for all sound moderators of the SHORTseries.

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