Silencer ASTUR for Kalashnikov assault rifle

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Silencer ASTUR with installation thread 14×1 LH (metric thread, left).

Silencer or sound moderator for the Kalashnikov assault rifle with caliber 7.62 and civilian carbines based on it FORT, MAYAK, SAIGA

The ASTUR silencer reduces the sound of a shot from 24 dB to 29 dB, which is approximately 55% – 65% lower than the sound of a shot with a standard cartridge from a carbine without a device. All load-bearing elements (carrying the main load) are made of titanium or stainless steel, the body is made of D16T. The muffler body is painted with heat-resistant baked paint.

The internal structure of the moderator is a classic seven-chamber direct-flow circuit with an original device for preliminary dissection of gases. This scheme of the muffler device allows you to achieve maximum suppression of the sound level of a shot from a Kalashnikov machine gun. In addition, the sound moderator removes the flash from the shot almost completely. The threaded part of the sound moderator is made so that when screwed onto the machine, it does not rest against the front sight block, since this may cause a distortion of the muffler, but rests against the cut of the carbine barrel. Only such a moderator installation scheme allows you to install it on a Kalashnikov assault rifle with minimal distortions. The threaded part of the muffler has recesses for the standard lock of the AKM assault rifle.

The ASTUR company began to produce mufflers for carbines based on AK caliber 7.62×39 since 2012. During this time, the design of the sound moderator has been constantly improved, which allows us to say that the ASTUR muffler is one of the best mufflers for the Kalashnikov assault rifle produced in Ukraine.

The muffler is intended mainly for use by civilian shooters (sports, hunting), and is not intended for use in automatic firing mode, but perfectly withstands single firing at a fast pace (up to four full magazines). The kit includes a special pouch for storing and carrying the muffler.

Silencer ASTUR 7.62 for AK does not require special care and constant cleaning.
Moreover, in spite of the fact that the muffler is collapsible, we DO NOT RECOMMEND to disassemble it unnecessarily.

Each device is covered by a warranty: one year or 2000 shots.
ASTUR is an association of people who are passionate about shooting sports who actively use and constantly improve their products. Therefore, based on our fairly large experience, we are ready to answer any question related to mufflers. Call us and we will advise you and help you choose and buy the most suitable silencer for your weapon and the tasks facing you (sports, training, hunting).


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