Silencer for SKS – efficiency and installation features

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The characteristic loud shot of the SKS was the result of minor changes to the army carbine when switching to the civilian version. The ASTUR silencer, without affecting the shooting quality of the gun, reduces the sound up to 29dB.

The range of hitting a target from civilian weapons rarely exceeds 300 meters. Loud sound for such distances becomes a hindrance, and not a way to demonstrate the capabilities of SCS. The muffler of the sound of a shot is especially relevant when shooting in specially equipped rooms and ranges. There is another reason for the increased interest of the owners of the rifle in reducing the noise of the shot – the knowledge of new possibilities, to establish how the sound moderator for SCS affects the accuracy, which muffler of the sound of the shot is better suited, to understand the principle of operation of the device.

There are many offers to purchase a muffler for SKS. Structurally, the products are outwardly difficult to distinguish. Making an informed choice requires more than just comparing prices. A real understanding of the ratio of cost and quality is important. If you intend to use a muffler occasionally, there is no point in chasing an expensive model. A one-piece construction made of cheap material is fine. It is a different matter when the task of maximum efficiency is set when shooting, and it is necessary to get used to the changed characteristics of the carbine. In this case, the sound moderator for SCS must have a high resource, ideally matched to the gun characteristics.

The principle of jamming the sound of a shot SKS

Shooting sound sources

– the outflow of powder gases. The combustion products of gunpowder when moving along the barrel are multiples of the speed of sound. At the exit, they instantly expand. Loud banging occurs. A promising direction for noise suppression is the localization of gases inside a gun or in built-in equipment with a further decrease in speed to subsonic values ​​and a gradual withdrawal to the outside;

sound wave when the bullet moves. Formed at supersonic speeds. The noise source control is simple. It is enough to reduce the charge. However, the energy of the bullet drops sharply, which is in a quadratic relationship with velocity and in a straight line with mass. Low lethality limited the use of this method;

– contact of moving parts of the gun. In comparison with the described sources of noise, a significant fraction is not added to the overall picture of the shot.

Taking into account the purpose of the carbine, the SKS muffler reduces the speed of powder combustion products to speeds less than 330 m / s. There is no loud clap. The reduction in sound, depending on the design of the device, reaches 40 – 60%. Successful developments of shot noise moderators are offered by ASTUR.

Silencer ASTUR

An accurate shot occurs if the bullet leaves the barrel at the moment of maximum deviation from the straight-line state. In this state, the lateral velocity is zero and does not affect the deflection of the projectile. Installing a muffler increases the length and mass of the barrel and leads to a change in the calculated deformation vibrations. Without harmonization of ballistic performance, the carbine becomes a useless weapon.

For this reason, the successful developments of ASTUR are a collective work of high-level specialists: from a designer to a turner a station wagon. High-strength steel alloys (St45), titanium (VT22) and heat-hardened duralumin (D16T) are used as a starting material. Metal processing takes place on high-precision computer-controlled machines. Complete coordination of mates is achieved. The design turns out to be rigid and does not reduce the accuracy of the shot.

The high quality of ASTUR products did not go unnoticed. We receive positive feedback on the operation of our products and are ready to offer ASTUR silencers at a manufacturer’s price. And most importantly, such mufflers have an increased service life, guarantee accurate shooting and calculated noise reduction. The ability to mount on a thread, a collet connection or on a DTK with an adapter is a good bonus for the buyer.

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