Muzzle brake compensator. The design and purpose of a modern MBC

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The muzzle brake compensator reduces the recoil of the shot and is an effective means of increasing the shooting accuracy. It becomes possible to increase the charge without making additional changes to the design of the weapon.

Powder gases when leaving the barrel rest against the muzzle brake compensator, the design of which changes the direction of part of the combustion products of the powder. The resulting impulse is opposite to the recoil of the shot and dampens the shock by the calculated amount. There are known cases of creating a MBC with a reverse rollback, when the weapon is pulled out of the hands of the shooter forward, towards the target.

The principle of operation of the muzzle brake compensator

According to the principle of using propellant gases and design, muzzle brakes, compensators are distinguished:

– active type: there are hollow partitions that receive part of the shot energy at the moment a bullet or projectile passes;
– reactive: the energy of the shot is compensated by the impulse of the emitted gases through the inclined slots of the MBC at an angle opposite to the direction of the shot. The smaller the angle in relation to the barrel, the more effective the recoil compensation is. At the same time, there is a growing risk of injury to the shooter and people nearby;
– the active-reactive design of the compensator muzzle brake contains both principles of recoil reduction;
– by the number of cameras: there are multi-chamber designs, single-chamber and tubeless. Each chamber localizes a small fraction of the charge energy. The split vent improves the safety and stabilization control of the weapon;
– the number of rows of side openings: from one to several, depending on the need to eliminate one or another factor interfering with shooting;
the shape of the holes: window, mesh or slotted. Window frames are used to receive a significant recoil momentum. As a rule, they are not used in civilian weapons.

It should be noted that the use of a compensator usually leads to an increase in the volume of the shot for the shooter and the appearance of a flash. With the help of a muffler, the negative manifestation of the effects of the installation of the muzzle brake of the compensator is reduced. There are much more positive aspects: barrel drift is suppressed, an accurate shot from an unstable position is possible, the parts and mechanisms of the gun are less deformed, and the weight of the weapon can be reduced.

At the same time, the MBC increases the barrel length. Specialists of the ASTUR company, engaged in the development and production of recoil energy absorption and shot noise suppression systems, point out the need to match the compensator parameters with the characteristics of a particular gun model.


For a better understanding, the developers of ASTUR rifle accessories propose to consider the barrel of a weapon as a kind of flexible rod that makes oscillatory movements. In the rectilinear state, the transverse speed is highest. At the top and bottom points, where the deviation is maximum, the end of the conventional rod freezes for a moment. The speed at this moment is zero. Then an accelerating movement towards the center begins.

It remains to transfer the presented dynamics of movement to the barrel in order to understand that the moment when the barrel is in one of the extreme positions will be optimal for a high-quality shot. The lateral velocity will not affect the deflection of the bullet from the target. According to this principle, shotguns with high firing accuracy are designed. An additional attachment changes the balance and weight characteristics of the barrel. If there is no coordination, the projectile will leave the barrel with a moment of inertia, leading the trajectory away from the line of sight.

ASTUR’s developments have received the appreciation of bullet shooting enthusiasts due to the perfect match with the weapon. Separately, it should be noted:

  • MBC RAPIRA. The design contains a special chamber in which unburned powder particles are burned out. Gases, without forming a flame, are removed through asymmetric openings. The injectors are positioned to compensate for barrel deflection when the shutter is in operation. Collet clamp provides secure and fast fastening;
  • MBC SHTURMOVIK. The simple and inexpensive design has proven effective in stabilizing the shot over time. Especially in automatic mode. Side cameras, in addition to compensating for recoil, reduce the effect of the bolt mechanism on the position of the weapon during firing. A cruciform cut at the outlet twists the outgoing gases into a spiral, extinguishing the flame of the after-burning charge products. Collet mount.
    Both models offer the possibility of adapting with a muffler to a threaded connection. ASTUR products are distinguished by quality and reliability, in addition, all devices have excellently proven themselves in practice.
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