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Modern silencers, or rather sound moderators (silencer, suppressor), are complex muzzle devices designed to significantly reduce the sound level of a shot from a firearm.
By saying – << significant >> – we are not exaggerating.
Usually in the technical description for silencers (sound moderators, silencers, suppressors) they indicate: << reduce the sound of a shot by 24 DB – 30 Db, which corresponds to 50% – 60% of the sound of a shot without a silencer. >>.
In fact, this comparison is not true enough conditionally. In fact, a decrease in the sound level of a shot from a carbine by 30 Db means that it has become tenfold quieter.
In fact, the muffler not only reduced the sound of the shot to a level safe for the shooter, but also removed it so much that the shooter hears only the sound of a bullet flying at supersonic speed.

In addition to reducing the sound level of the shot, modern silencers (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) ASTURsignificantly reduce the recoil when fired and actually completely remove the flash.
All of the above factors make it comfortable to shoot from firearms of almost any caliber: 9mm, .308, .300, .338, 50, etc.

ASTURhas been developing and manufacturing high quality and modern mufflers (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) since 2012.
All this time we are not standing still. The design of our mufflers is constantly being improved and improved.

In addition to improving the technical characteristics of our sound moderators, we are constantly working on the design and appearance of our products.
Without false modesty, we can say that ASTURmufflers are one of the best among all sound moderators produced in Ukraine.

ASTURmanufactures silencers (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) for carbines of almost all calibers, from 22LR to such calibers as 50 BMG and 14.5 × 114 mm.
In addition to silencers for semi-automatic carbines and bolt-action rifles, our company ASTURhas developed and produced silencers for short-barreled rifled weapons (pistols) with a movable and fixed barrel. These sound moderators are designed to work with both subsonic and supersonic cartridges. Silencers for pistols with a moving barrel (for example Glock) have a compensation system (called a booster) to ensure reliable operation of the reloading mechanism.

All ASTURproducts have warranty and post-warranty support.
Product warranty period: one year or 2000 shots.

The specialists of our company are ready to advise you on any issue related to the technical characteristics and operation of our company’s products.
We will help you choose a silencer (sound moderator, silencer, suppressor) that is most suitable for your rifle and the tasks you are facing (sports, hunting, etc.).

ASTURmanufactures integrated mufflers for individual orders.
These are mufflers with an approach to the barrel of the carbine.
These sound moderators have the characteristics selected individually by the customer (dimensions, approach to the barrel, the effectiveness of reducing the sound of a shot, the color of the muffler). and are made according to the size of the customer’s carbine.

We produce sets of MBC adapter + silencer for rifles without a thread on the barrel, which allows you to protect the shooter’s hearing even when the manufacturer of the weapon does not provide for the possibility of installing muzzle devices on the barrel of the carbine.

We have accumulated extensive experience over the entire period of work and are ready to share it with our clients.
We are happy to help every shooter make shooting his favorite carbine even more comfortable and enjoyable.

The motto of our company: ASTUR – MANAGES SILENCE, which means – CONTROL SILENCE.
We want you to CONTROL THE SILENCE with ASTUR.

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