The main differences between SPEAR silencers

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ASTURcompany has started production and sale of new silencers for weapons (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) SPEAR.

The main differences between the new SPEAR mufflers are:
1). Approach to the barrel of the carbine by 100 mm.
2). The presence in the device of the muffler of the original system of preliminary dissection of gases.
3). The classic nine-chamber scheme of the device.

What are the advantages of a muffler for a carbine that goes into the barrel?
First of all, this allows you to significantly increase the internal volume of the sound moderator, which has a positive effect on the quality of reducing the sound level of the shot, but at the same time the dimensions of the weapon with the installed silencer do not increase by much.
So, for example: a standard ASTURsilencer has a total length of 210 mm., Respectively, when installed on the barrel of a carbine, the weapon is lengthened by 210 mm.
When using the new SPEARSound Moderator, the total length of the weapon after installing the silencer will increase by only 180 mm. and this is with the total length of the muffler – 280 mm.
This means that by installing a much larger silencer on the barrel of the carbine, you get a smaller increase in the size of the weapon.
In addition:with a greater weight, the SPEARsilencer (its weight is 680 g), due to the entrance to the barrel, will change the balance of the weapon exactly as much as it would change with a standard ASTUR silencer (its weight is 510 g).

What constructively is the part of the muffler that fits onto the barrel of the carbine?
In fact, this is a large first expansion chamber, into which almost all the powder gases escaping from the barrel after a shot enter.
In other words: after firing, the powder gases first fill the volume of the large first chamber, and only then begin to move through the main working elements of the sound moderator.
Such a gas distribution scheme makes it possible to more effectively compensate for the difference in pressure between the powder gases escaping after a shot and atmospheric pressure, which means a more effective reduction in the sound level of the shot.
The original system of preliminary dissection of gases directs the main flow of powder gases into the first expansion chamber and prevents them from entering the main working part of the moderator immediately behind the bullet. Thus, after the shot, the propellant gases do not “overtake” the bullet (we do not claim that all gases are cut off completely, but we can assert that a significant part of them is cut off).

All of the above factors allow us to assert that SPEARmufflers (sound moderators, silencer, suppressor) from ASTURare superior to many mufflers made according to “classical” schemes and presented on the Ukrainian market.

Pictured is a standard ASTURsilencer mounted on an AR 15 carbine

Below in the photo AR 15 carbine with SPEARsilencer installed

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